The Sterling Process

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Marketing Strategy

Its Brainstorming time.

We sit down with you and discuss what it is you want from your Business website.  Then after our meeting our team comes up with a Web Marketing Strategy, so your website hits your goal.


Glorious WEBSITES!


Time to pick your Design!

After speaking to you about your ideas of what you want your website to look like, we start our Creative Process!  Our Team uses our knowledge and your ideas to craft a website that is all your own!  We use today’s Html5 to make your website fit any browser, tablet, and phone!



Its Magic SEO time




Nothing up my sleeve!

No tricks on SEO, just good old practical know how! From your business objective and our expert research team, we chose Keywords that have the most optimal level of not only hitting your target demographic, but also to help rank higher!



Time to be Clicked!

Search Engine Marketing Clicks!

This is the Marketing part of your Business.  We craft Campaign Ad’s in search engines and Social Media sights that are designed to bring in the right clients!  This process is to get your product or service in front of much people as possible, targeting your business objective.


Reaching the Locals

Lets get Social!

Creating a social buzz in your area is what this is all about.  We create or touch up your Business in Social Media sites to target your demographic and make it easier for people to find you.  In today’s age everyone has a small computer at their fingertips and making it easier for someone on the go to find you, helps your bottom line.


You Can't Handle The Data!

Data Glorious Data!

Did we mention Data!  We Gather all of this data from Google Analytics and Yahoo Analytics about your website and the best part about this, is we do all the work and we share it with you!  From all this data we are able to determine what really counts and what are just boring numbers.  We don’t just tell you your website is running on all cylinders we SHOW YOU!

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