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Whats your Business Objective for having a website?

Whats your Business Objective for having a website?

One of the first things we ask a client is “What is your business objective for the website?” or reason for having a website?  This is an important question to ask and an even more important one to know.  Do you want to drive more people to your website? Do you want to drive more people to your Newsletter? Do you want to create a recognizable brand for your company? Do you want to increase sales?  There are hundreds of answers to this question and only you know what your business needs.

A few guidelines are to think about your business first and personal attributes third or fourth.  And what I mean is this, do you run a Candle Store and want a website that is all PINK with Blue Font!  Well having a pink website is doable but is that great for your website business objective?  Was your Objective to sell more candles or have the brightest website?  Now that might sound silly, but you understand the meaning.

Make sure your Business Objective is realistic and obtainable.  That is where your local web marketer expertise comes in to help.  Let’s say you sell shoes, and you love selling shoes!  Your goal for your website is to rank #1 for the word shoes in google search in one year.  Well, that is a tough order to fill.  Not to mention to rank #1 for any “keyword” is tough.  More than likely you would have to have a advertising budget in the Millions to even start. On top of that no one with any credible website company can guarantee number 1 for any word (Its so impossible to predict).  For Instance, every year Google and Microsoft change their algorithm on how they rank web pages.  On top of that, they don’t even show you the algorithm.  What I am trying to say is, be realistic, Web Rankings are something you should always be looking towards but they are the marathon goal not the sprint goal.

*NOTE: I have to put this in here.  Ranking #1 for a high Target Keyword is not impossible but it is a very big undertaking.

Lastly, your business objective for your website has to be a piece of your business objective as a whole.  Websites today are a fundamental part of any successful business but not the only way to drum up new business.  For Instance, you own a local coffee shop and you want to bring in more customers.  So Bam! we have your website up and all the proper social media accounts going.  Now what?  Well now we assist you with creating obtainable secondary goals, such as creating a bi-weekly newsletter, that has a 10% discount code every two weeks, or like us on facebook button and get 5% off your order today coupon!  Also, maybe having a Wednesday winner, where everyone who comes into your coffee shop on Wednesday and enters their business card, will win a free coffee.  This comes into play, because all of those business cards have names and emails, where later you can ask to sign up for your newsletter.  Anyone who has been in business knows, you never know where the next sale can come from.

Thank you all for your time(…does that sound cheesy?) Oh well.  I hoped you liked this article!

Austin Zobec

Owner of Sterling SEO and WEB LLC

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